Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Volleyball? 5+ Reasons

Sat on the fence, can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball? But don’t worry; everyone struggles at that stage. Now a lot of questions are popping up in your mind, such as, can tennis shoes be used for volleyball? are tennis shoes good for volleyball? or why tennis shoes aren’t ideal for volleyball? Here, you’ll get all the answers to your queries, and I’ll share my experience with tennis shoes on the volleyball court.

Tennis and volleyball shoes look the same but have many key differences. So, unfortunately, you can’t play a professional volleyball game wearing tennis shoes. But if you’re playing it casually as fun with family and friends, you can wear tennis shoes for volleyball.

5+ Reasons why tennis shoes aren’t ideal for volleyball?  

  1. Lack of lateral support
  2. Insufficient cushioning
  3. Heavy weight
  4. Less flexible
  5. Not good for jumping
  6. Grip

Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Volleyball?

can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball
can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball?

The equipment, keeping in mind the characteristics and rules of each sport, is prepared. The bat is designed for cricket but could be better for playing baseball. Therefore it’s not recommended to wear tennis shoes for volleyball.

Volleyball shoes are specifically designed for rapid lateral movements, better grip, support, traction and cushioning. While tennis shoes don’t provide all these facilities, it’s not designed for lateral movements. So, it’s not suitable and recommended to wear tennis shoes on the volleyball court.


As a professional, I highly recommend you purchase the best court volleyball shoes. It’s a temporary solution to wear tennis shoes for volleyball play.

My Experience When I Worn Tennis Shoes to Play Volleyball

My Personal Experience
My Personal Experience

During my career as a volleyball professional, I have had the opportunity to play the sport on the court, beach, and in both indoor and outdoor locations. To test the shoes, I borrowed a pair of tennis shoes from a friend who plays tennis as a hobby and who gave them to me for free.

It’s very discomfiting for me to wear these heavy shoes, and they slow down my movements as well. During my attempt to hit the ball, I was unable to jump properly; the whole experience was not pleasant. The recommendation I can give you is to spend some money on best volleyball shoes that are made for professional play. If you are a tennis player and you occasionally play volleyball, it should be okay for you.

Why Tennis Shoes Aren’t Ideal for Volleyball? 5+ Reasons 

Tennis shoes serve perfectly on the tennis court, but they cannot serve like volleyball shoes on a volleyball court due to different designs. Tennis shoes don’t provide optimal performance, protection and support as volleyball shoes provide.

Why Tennis Shoes Aren't Ideal for Volleyball? 5+ Reasons
Why Tennis Shoes Aren’t Ideal for Volleyball? 5+ Reasons

So, here’re 5+ reasons tennis shoes aren’t ideal for volleyball:

1. Lack of Lateral Support

Lateral support is necessary for rapid lateral movement on the volleyball court, but tennis shoes are best in forward-backward motions and quick stops. It’s incapable of agile side shuffling, lunging, and rapid changes in direction. The abases of lateral support decrease the stability and increase the risk of ankle injuries(common in volleyball) during rapid movements.

2. Insufficient Cushioning

Insufficient cushioning becomes a significant drawback because continuous instant jumping and landing in prolonged volleyball games make you uncomfortable and increase the risk of foot and knee injuries. On the other hand, volleyball shoes are specially designed to enhance cushioning in the heel and forefoot areas to absorb shocks and provide comfort. You’ll not feel and substantial strain on your feet and joints.

3. Weight

Volleyball shoes are more lightweight than Tennis shoes to make movements more quickly and agile. This characteristic enhances rapid acceleration, precise footwork, and jumping, which are a cornerstone of successful volleyball play. 

4. Less Flexible

These are less flexible than volleyball shoes. Less flexibility restricts rapid movements, that’ll definitely decrease your performance.

5. Not for Jumping

Tennis shoes are not for jumping because they’re heavier than volleyball shoes. This flaw makes you tired soon and may cause injury.

6. Grip

The tennis shoes grip is strong, but it’s not suitable for hardwood courts (professional volleyball courts). It’s the best grip on concrete or clay. The harder outsoles may slide on the volleyball court, even leading to serious injury.

These are the main 6 differences between tennis shoes and volleyball that tell us why tennis shoes aren’t ideal for volleyball. Investing in specialized best volleyball shoes for optimal performance, comfort, and safety is necessary to excel on the court.

3 Main Differences Between Tennis Shoes and Volleyball Shoes

These are the 3 main differences between tennis and volleyball shoes, which may provide the answer to your question, “can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball?“.

  • Outsole design: The tennis shoes have outsoles, which are typically made of harder rubber to provide traction on outdoor courts. While on the other hand, volleyball shoes have softer rubber outsoles to provide a better grip on indoor courts.
  • Midsole cushioning: Tennis shoes typically have less cushioning in the midsole than volleyball shoes. It’s because tennis players don’t need to jump like volleyball players. Volleyball shoes are designed to provide more shock absorption to protect the player’s joints from the impact of jumping.
  • Support: Volleyball shoes offer more ankle support than tennis shoes to protect the ankles from injury during jumping and landing.

After reading these major differences, you’ve learned well why tennis shoes are not good for volleyball.

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Volleyball?

Are tennis shoes good for volleyball play or not, depending on the situation? If you’re playing volleyball temporarily as a recreation with family or friends, it’s almost OK, but not a good choice. 

If you’re playing as a professional on the court, then it’s necessary to invest in it. Tennis shoe doesn’t provide traction, support and cushioning, which may lead you permanent injury. So, Tennis shoes are not good for volleyball.

Best Brands for Volleyball Shoes

I’ve picked the top 4 best brands of volleyball shoes, which provides a wide range of shoe variety according to players’ needs.

BrandBest Volleyball Shoes
AsicsGel-Rocket 9
MizunoWave Momentum 2
NikeReact Hyperset
AdidasCrazyflight Bounce 3
Best brands for volleyball shoes

These best court shoes for volleyball provide next-level traction, support, and cushioning. They’ve different colors and styles to pick the best pair.

Can Tennis Shoes Be Used for Volleyball?

Tennis shoes can only be used for volleyball on the court if they’re designed to keep in mind the specific needs of volleyball. Tennis shoes, heavy and best for forward-backward motion, have a strong grip on concrete or clay. So, they make players uncomfortable, easily tired, and cause the injury. But you can play tennis by wearing volleyball shoes.

Volleyball Shoes VS Tennis Shoes

Volleyball and tennis are 2 different sports that require different types of footwear. According to players’ needs, companies design shoes.  

Volleyball Shoes VS Tennis Shoes

Here’s the detailed difference between volleyball shoes and tennis shoes:

AspectVolleyball ShoesTennis Shoes
Design PurposeSpecifically designed for volleyballSpecially designed for tennis
Lateral SupportExcellent lateral support for side movementsExcellent lateral support for side movements
CushioningAmple cushioning for jumping and landingVaries, but generally very less cushioning
Sole PatternDesigned for indoor court tractionDesigned for concrete court traction
WeightLightweight construction for agilityBulkier design, may hinder agility
Toe ProtectionReinforced toe caps for impact protectionMay lack specific toe protection
BreathabilityBreathable uppers to enhance ventilationVaries, but generally not breathable
DurabilityDesigned to withstand the demands of volleyballDesigned to withstand the demands of tennis
Costcan rang from moderate to higher-end pricescan rang from moderate to higher-end prices
CleaningVolleyball shoes are easily cleanableTennis shoes are easily cleanable
Differences between volleyball shoes and tennis shoes

FAQs – Can You Wear Tennis Shoes For Volleyball?

No, tennis and volleyball shoes have their own unique characteristics and are made to the specific demands of each sport. Volleyball shoes are designed particularly for the sport of volleyball, while tennis shoes are designed for the sport of tennis. Volleyball shoes provide more support and cushioning than tennis shoes, which are necessary for quick movements and jumping. On the other hand, Tennis shoes are designed for more forward movement and do not provide as much support or cushioning.

Wearing regular sneakers for volleyball is not advisable as they don’t provide the required support, stability, and traction required for the sport. Instead of regular sneakers, volleyball shoes are designed to provide the necessary traction, support, and cushioning. That’s why sneakers are not good for playing volleyball.

Volleyball shoes, designed for lateral movements and jumping, are not ideal for walking. They’re uncomfortable for a long walk. But if you’re planning for a little bit of walking, then volleyball shoes will be fine. However, It’s better to wear shoes designed for walking.

Yes, it is recommended to use specific shoes for volleyball. They offer features that enhance performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and optimize movements on the volleyball court.

Volleyball shoes are specially designed with features such as lateral support, cushioning, traction, lightweight construction, and breathability to meet the specific demands of the sport. These characteristics enhance performance.

It’s okay to wear tennis court shoes for volleyball in certain situations, but it’s not ideal. It’s not recommended to wear Tennis court shoes to play volleyball.

Final Words

In conclusion to the question, “Can you wear tennis shoes for volleyball?/are tennis shoes suitable for volleyball?“. In order to enjoy and excel in volleyball to the fullest extent, it is essential to wear volleyball shoes that are specifically designed for the sport of volleyball. In the event that you don’t have volleyball shoes, you can wear tennis shoes, but there may be better options out there. I’ve shared my experience above; that’s not good.

In order to perform well and be comfortable, tennis shoes don’t provide the support, cushioning, and traction that is necessary for good performance and comfort. Therefore, it’s important to invest in a good pair of volleyball shoes if you plan to participate in volleyball regularly. Volleyball shoes are designed to provide comfort, support, and better traction on the court.

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