Do You Wear Shoes In Beach Volleyball? Pros and Cons

Beach volleyball, an interesting sport, is also very popular with people. It’s almost similar to indoor volleyball, but the surface is not the same.Normal indoor volleyball has wooden courts, but beach volleyball has a sand surface. 

Do You Wear Shoes In Beach Volleyball?
Do You Wear Shoes In Beach Volleyball?

Do you wear shoes in beach volleyball? A very common but vital question among the people. Some players wear shoes for protection and traction. On the other hand, some players play barefoot for a more natural feel and freedom of movement. Now the ball is in your court. For your convenience, I’ve picked the top 3 shoes and sand socks for beach volleyball.

Do You Wear Shoes in Beach Volleyball?

It’s totally up to you, as I mentioned above, whether you wear shoes or not. But according to my observation, try to play by wearing socks first. If your feet are burning or getting injured, wear beach volleyball shoes.

Are Shoes Allowed in Beach Volleyball?

Yes, FIVB generally allowed them but with certain restrictions. According to FIVB beach volleyball rules, players can wear shoes for safety and hygiene reasons. But, generally, it encourages players to play barefoot or in sand socks to give them the best in the game. You can face a lot of cons by wearing shoes(mentioned below).

Pros and Cons of Wearing Shoes In Beach Volleyball


  • Protect from hot sand.
  • Protect from sharp objects.
  • Prevent foot injuries.
  • Provide traction on the wet sand.


  • Restrict movement.
  • Not provide traction on sand.
  • May feel uncomfortable when shoes get filled with sand.
  • You may face difficulties in digging the ball.

Remember the pros and cons of wearing shoes in sand volleyball. Even you’ve to consider the rules of the league or tournament you’re playing in if you’re wearing shoes. Will the referee permit you to wear it or not?

Can I Wear Socks in Sand Volleyball?

Yes, you can wear socks in sand volleyball. These are officially allowed to be utilized to protect your feet. There is one problem; these are not normal/regular socks. These socks are specially designed to save feet from dangerous objects and hot sand.

Pro and Cons of Wearing Sand Socks in Sand Volleyball

Here’re some pros and cons of wearing sand socks in sand/beach volleyball.


  • Absorb sweat and keep your feet cool and dry.
  • You may feel more comfortable than playing barefoot.
  • Provide traction on wet and dry sand.
  • Protect from hot sand and sharp objects .


  • It may lose stitching after a lot of use.

Top 3 Sand Socks for Beach Volleyball

here are the top 3 sand socks to wear in sand/beach volleyball:

1. ShocSox Beach Volleyball Socks

It’s made of durable neoprene material, provides excellent protection from hot and cold sand. It’s long-lasting and also protects your feet from injury. It, well fitted, provides traction on beach/sand. It prevents the entrance of sand in your foot.

2. CAPAS Waterproof Socks

It’s made of neoprene, keeps your feet warm on a cold water beach. It also provides a strong grip on slippery surfaces. It is more durable and flexible and has strong stitching. It, sand proof, protects feet from hot sand and cold beaches and even from sharp objects.

3. Sand Socks

They’re made of neoprene and lycra and have an adjustable cuff. It provides protection against hot sand and improves your performance in beach volleyball matches. It is comfortable and protects your feet from the cold water of the beach in winter beach volleyball.

These sand socks currently available for beach volleyball are considered the best. After my testing, I’ve enlisted these top 3 sand socks for sand volleyball. I hope you’ll pick the best one.


Yes, you can wear shoes. Generally, it’s not recommended because it’s a lot of cons, i.e., restriction movements, discomfort, loss of traction etc.

Yes, it’s highly recommended to utilize the sock in sand volleyball. These socks should not be normal as we use them in daily life. These special socks are called sand socks. Therefore, you can wear sand socks to sand volleyball to prevent injury and loss of performance.

Your feet may hurt after sand volleyball due to the impact of an unstable surface, lack of proper footwear, insufficient warm-up or hot sand.

Final Words

Do you wear shoes in beach volleyball? This question has a clear-cut answer for the whole beach volleyball community. Generally, it’s not recommended to wear shoes while playing sand or beach volleyball, according to FIVB. But with the permission of the referee, you can wear them.

If you wear shoes, you’ll face a lot of drawbacks (as mentioned above). Therefore, Wearing sand socks while playing is recommended to protect your feet without losing your performance. Now the ball is in your court, which gear should you use to protect your feet and enhance your performance?

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