Do You Need Special Shoes for Volleyball? Benefits & Drawbacks

I can see you’re a volleyball enthusiast. As a big enthusiast, I can expect a great knowledge of rules and requirements from you. But you’ll surely be surprised about how your shoe choice can affect your game.

The simplest answer to “Do you need special shoes for volleyball?” is, yes. If you have special volleyball shoes, then you’re a fantastic player. You can play a fabulous game. If you don’t have special shoes for volleyball, then it has a very bad effect on your performance.

Many people think and ask whether they need a proper volleyball shoe to play volleyball. As we all know, volleyball is a robust and brisk hasty game. This game needs precision and quick directional changes. Suppose you want a significant difference in your performance. So, definitely, you need special shoes for this unique game.

Do you need special shoes for volleyball? Benefits and Drawbacks

Do you need special shoes for volleyball
Do you need special shoes for volleyball

The answer is yes on the basis of unique requirements. When you talk about unique sports, volleyball is one of them. So many consistent techniques, including spiking, stability, blocking, directional change, vertical jumps, and defense, are involved in it. It’s also unique in the sense of jumping, as no other hardwood court sport involves as much jumping as it involves.

When you play volleyball, hundreds of jumps are involved in each game. Whenever you jump, your knees and ankles suffer from stress, which is repetitive. Your ankles can be at risk of severe injuries. While playing, the things athletes need the most are comfort and stability. Speed, movement, and a strong grip are also key factors of this game. To avoid all these problems while playing, consider the best volleyball shoes as your first preference and best choice.

3+ Benefits of Using Special Volleyball Shoes

Benefits of Using Special Volleyball Shoes
Benefits of Using Special Volleyball Shoes

You’ll get these awesome benefits by using special volleyball shoes while playing on the court.

3+ Benefits of Using Special Volleyball Shoes

  • Injury prevention: volleyball is a proper jumping and quick movements game with many of the injury risks. Special volleyball shoes are made with special techniques to prevent athletes from any injury. The main risk of this game is ankle injury and the stress on the feet. By keeping all these issues in mind, these shoes are designed in such a way that their cushioning prevents ankle injuries due to repetitive jumping during your game, and their grip on the floor provides you stability.
  • Enhanced Performance: These shoes provide a level of comfort to the player, which is a basic need during the game. Volleyball shoes improve bouncing, shock absorbent, and provide springiness. These things enhance the performance of a volleyball player.
  • Improves Agility and Stability: These shoes provide a level of comfort to the player, which is a basic need during the game. Volleyball shoes improve bouncing, shock absorbent, and provide springiness. These things enhance the performance of a volleyball player.
  • Increase Comfortness: The wonderful construction of the shoe protects your ankle and joints from any discomfort. It provides perfect support to your toe and body, which keeps your body away from fatigue or any swelling.

3+ Drawbacks of Wearing Improper Shoes

  • Due to improper shoes, the movement of your ankle and joints can also be improper. This irregular movement can lead to severe injury.
  • Due to quick changes in direction, your body needs proper stability. Improper shoes don’t provide you stability. So, it’ll be challenging for them to balance your body.
  • Improper shoes cannot provide you comfort during the game, due to which you’ll have to face severe pain. It’ll also hamper your performance.
  • Wearing improper shoes affects your confidence. Your wrong footwear spoils your confidence, due to which you can’t express your abilities.

The Importance of Proper Footwear In Volleyball

Volleyball shoes are designed to keep in mind the needs of a player. Volleyball shoes have two major areas. It has a cushioning area and a mid-sole. Its cushioning area prevents the stress produced by jumping volume on ankles, whereas its mid-sole helps in maintaining the balance of the body.

Proper footwear boosts the performance of players. The main beneficiary factor of proper footwear is its protection from severe injury. Its lightweight and unique technology enhances the performance. By wearing proper volleyball shoes, the chances of stability are high, which can help the player in quick movement.

Key Features of Volleyball Shoes

These key features will understand you more about “do you need special shoes for volleyball?“.

  • Traction: volleyball shoes are designed with fabulous traction. This traction provides a strong grip on the court. Better traction maintains your stability, and you can easily pivot and stabilize yourself.
  • Outsole design: Its outsole design helps from slipping and sliding. It’s designed to fit the shoe with a foot. It also maintains the pressure on the fingers’ width.
  • Cushioning: Cushioning is the key part of the best volleyball shoe. It’s a shock-absorbent area. The more padding, the less shock. So, it’ll lessen the impact on feet and joints, which prevents you from fatigue. It makes the movement easier.
  • Breath-ability: The breath-ability factor is also a major issue for players during intense matches. During their construction, a fine-quality polyester is used to provide ventilation pores. These pores can keep your foot dry and cool.

Are Running good for volleyball?

A couple of running shoes can also be an option, only if you’re playing volleyball for fun. Running shoes can only be suitable for volleyball when you’re playing it indoors. These shoes can absorb shock when you jump. But they’re not able to absorb the shock of jumping volume produced by continuous jumping in volleyball games.

At the same time, the unique structure of volleyball shoes enables them to bear a huge amount of stress produced by multiple jumps. Running shoes don’t provide the level of comfort and support required during the game. Whereas special volleyball shoe structure, including cushioning and mid-sole, offers a higher level of stability.

Running shoes can decrease your performance and speed with the highest risk of injury. At the same time, volleyball shoes provide you with the best level of support that prevents your balance from getting loose. All these features of special volleyball shoes make them preferable.

People Also Asks

Suppose you’re not a professional player and are playing it for fun. So, you can wear regular shoes.

Its specialized design, quality, branding, marketing, and manufacturing cost makes it expensive.

Sneakers are designed for everyday use and casual wear. It’s not suitable to wear it for professional volleyball matches.

Final Words

In the conclusion of “Do you need special shoes for volleyball?“. The special shoes for volleyball improve your performance and decrease the risk of any injury. So. spending in the right couple of volleyball shoes can create a major difference in your performance. Its exceptional features like stability, traction, cushioning, and breath-ability enhance your confidence, which is undoubtedly necessary for a game like volleyball.

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