What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear in 2024?

I know that as a professional, you want to get the best volleyball shoe to boost your performance and confidence, which professionals trust and wear. So, don’t worry. Here you’ll get the top most worn shoes by professionals and also know the characteristics of their shoes. 

So, what shoes do professional volleyball players wear in 2024? It’s not difficult in this fast age to find shoes that professionals wear. The professionals wear those pairs which have these qualities: i.e. support, stability, comfort, lightweight, shock absorbance, traction, and style.

What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear?

What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players
What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players wear in 2024?

Professional volleyball players’ shoes are more than just a piece of equipment. They symbolize their dedication to the sport and their commitment to excellence. When players step onto the court in their favorite pair of shoes, they’re ready to compete, full of confidence and energy.

Pros wear those shoes which provide the best ankle support, stability, comfort, lightweight, shock absorbance, traction, and good style. Your shoes must follow these qualities.

Top 3 Volleyball Shoes Worn by Pros

Among the lot of pairs, I found these top 3 best volleyball shoes. Most pros wear these top 3 brands’ shoes in practices and matches.

  • Asics Netburner Ballistic FF, an all-around choice volleyball shoe, is perfect for beginners and expert players. It provides an ideal grip for feet on the court for quick and cutting motions while playing. It’s affordable and reliable for both women and women players.
  • Asics Sky Elite FF 2, a great all-around choice for players, is very supportive, flexible, and has shock absorption. It provides an awesome court grip and super heel-toe transition.
  • Nike React Hyperset, a lightweight and responsive shoe, provides good traction on indoor courts. It’s flexible, durable and affordable.

9 Main Characteristics of Professional Volleyball Shoes

A lot of volleyball footwear is available in the market according to players’ needs. So, when you purchase new footwear, keep in mind these characteristics. Because when pros buy new shoe pairs, they notice the following qualities in new ones.

Characteristics of  Volleyball Shoes
Characteristics of Volleyball Shoes

1. Ankle support

Volleyball is one of those types of sport which requires ankle support. Ankle support is vital in preventing ankle injury during lateral movement and jumping.

2. Stability

During movements in different directions, twisting the ankle is normal. But volleyball shoes with good stability prevent your ankle from twisting.

3. Comfort

Volleyball footwear must be comfortable. Because if you feel uncomfortable, then your performance will automatically decrease. So, comfort is also another main feature of pro volleyball shoes.

4. Soft Soles

The soles of volleyball shoes must be made of gum rubber (soft rubber). These soft rubber soles provide cushioning, comfort and a strong grip on volleyball-polished wooden floors.

5. Breathability

The soles of volleyball shoes must be made of gum rubber (soft rubber). These soft rubber soles provide cushioning, comfort and a strong grip on volleyball-polished wooden floors.

6. Weight

For rapid multi-directional movements, your shoes must be lightweight.

The average volleyball shoes weigh between 250 to 425 grams.

7. Shock Absorption (Cushioning)

The most important factor in pro volleyball shoes is shock absorption(cushioning). Cushioning makes your jumping and landing safe. Every jump and landing strain your joints, and good cushioning/shock absorption decreases or vanishes the pressure.

8. Traction and Grip

Think that you stop suddenly and go for a high jump to hit the ball, but unfortunately, slip on the court. That slipping could injure you and even could ruin your game. Therefore, traction has a main role in shiny polished wooden courts to prevent sudden slipping. Traction provides a strong grip for lateral movements and jumping. So, check traction before purchasing a volleyball shoe pair.

9. Style

Picking a brand new style is the habit of pros. So, also pick a new style that relates to your personality to become more confident on the court.

Best Volleyball Shoe Brands

These brands manufacture the best volleyball shoes per volleyball match needs. So, I highly recommend buying shoes only from these brands.

  • Asics
  • Mizuno
  • Nike
  • Adidas

What Shoes Do USA Players Wear?

us national volleyball team
us national volleyball team

USA Volleyball players wear a variety of shoes depending on their positions. Nike, Asics, and Mizuno are the most popular brands worn by usa volleyball players. Such as, Micah Christenson wears Nike Air Zoom Hyper Attack, and Kerri Walsh Jennings wears Asics volleyball shoes.

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth It?

Yes, it’s worth investing in volleyball shoes. Volleyball footwear is designed as per sports requirements. They provide good traction, grip, support for lateral movements, cushioning for jumping, and protection from injuries on woody courts. If you don’t invest in the right shoe pairs, you’ll feel uncomfortable and even lack performance.

Best Place To Buy Professional Volleyball Shoes?

It’s best to buy shoes from a physical store. Unfortunately, volleyball shoes are not available in physical stores these days. That’s why people/players search online to purchase. So, I found the 2 best online markets to purchase the best footwear, even if I buy from them.

1. Amazon

My 1st recommendation is Amazon due to its wide variety, frequent discounts, fast shipping and even a return policy is awesome. That’s why I mostly use Amazon affiliate links in my recommended products.

2. All Volleyball

The 2nd recommendation is All Volleyball, a US-based warehouse that provides a massive range of volleyball shoes and other volleyball gear at an affordable price than Amazon. That’s why I also use All Volleyball’s affiliate link with Amazon’s links.


Pro volleyball players wear shoes from top brands such as Asics, Nike, Mizuno and Adidas. Pro volleyball shoes offer ankle support, stability, comfort, lightweight design, shock absorbance, traction, and stylish aesthetics.

Shoes have these qualities such as ankle support, stability, comfort, lightweight, shock absorbance, traction, and good style. You can pick it for your volleyball journey. I’ve also recommended the 3 best volleyball shoes.

  • Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6
  • Asics Gel-Rocket 9
  • Nike Air Zoom Hyper set

It depends on the brand and models. Commonly, volleyball shoes run slightly smaller than regular athletic footwear. Nike volleyball shoes run slightly smaller in volleyball shoe brands than other brands, i.e., Asics, Mizuno and Adidas.

Yes, it matters when you wear other shoes like tennis, running, basketball, or other casual shoes for volleyball play. Because they’re not made to fulfill the player’s needs on the volleyball court and hugely affect performance. Therefore, wearing volleyball shoes to play or practice Volleyball is recommended.

Final Words

If you’ve money and are a professional player, it’s worth investing in pro volleyball shoes. Pros’ Volleyball shoes give you a high level of confidence, which boosts your performance. But if you don’t have enough budget and are a beginner, then utilize the budgeted shoe pairs until you collect enough money. I’ve told you the qualities of professional volleyball shoes above.

I hope this guide on “What shoes do professional volleyball players wear?” satisfied you.

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