How to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again? 15 Methods

When playing volleyball, it’s important to engage in various physical activities such as jumping, running, and swift movements. To prevent foot injuries and ensure optimal safety and performance, it is highly recommended to wear protective shoes.

How to make volleyball shoes sticky again? 15 Proven Ways

  1. Clean your shoes regularly
  2. Use a grip spray
  3. Scuff the soles
  4. Replace shoes
  5. Use grip socks
  6. Use shoe inserts
  7. Use traction tape
  8. Get new shoes
  9. Don’t use them outside
  10. Traction spray
  11. Wipe your feet
  12. Hairspray
  13. Sticky mats
  14. Use water
  15. Spit on the shoes

How to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again in 2024?

Best volleyball shoes need to have a sticky sole as it provides excellent traction on the court. Volleyball players are required to jump, dive, and make quick cuts. While performing these movements, players need to maintain a strong grip on the slippery court. This grip can only be achieved through the use of sticky shoes.

15 Methods to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky

How to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again? 15 Methods
How to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again? 15 Methods

1. Clean Your Shoes Regularly

Over time, the soles of your shoes can accumulate debris, dust, and microbes, which can affect their grip on the court. To clean your shoes, use water and soap to remove dirt and grime. That will not only improve their traction on the court but also prevent any unwanted odors from developing.

After playing a game, it’s important to clean your shoes to prevent them from becoming slippery due to dust particles on the court and sweat from your feet. Overall, regularly cleaning your shoes is a simple yet effective way to enhance their performance and ensure they last longer.

2. Use a Grip Spray

Grip spray is a highly effective and safe solution to increase traction in shoes. When applied, it forms a thin layer on the sole that is resistant to slipping, providing a significant boost in grip. Additionally, the layer created by the spray prevents the sole from getting dirty and picking up unwanted waste, keeping your shoes cleaner for longer.

3. Scuff the Soles

If you want to make your shoes less slippery, scuffing the soles can be a helpful solution. It involves creating small grooves and imperfections on the surface of the sole using sandpaper or by rubbing them on a rough surface. Scuffed soles can improve traction for several weeks or even months. Be careful not to damage the sole.

4. Replace Shoes

Replace your old sole with brand new sole this will add a new life to your shoes and make them more efficient. It will add new life to your shoes. The new sole will have a new tree pattern, and this will make it non-slip. So we can make shoes non-slip by changing their soul. It is a better option to improve your game.

5. Use Grip Socks

For more traction, you can use grip socks that increase grip on your shoes and are beneficial for a sports person because the grip socks have a special gripping pattern in the bottom that prevents us from sleeping and falling. Secondly, these feel comfortable and soft and could be worn for a long time.

6. Use Shoe Inserts

First, it will provide our support to the place, and this will also provide cushioning, which will make it more efficient for use and increase comfort. Be careful in choosing shoe inserts; you will know very well about your foot arch, size,e and height.

7. Use Traction Tape

Traction tape makes the bottom of your shoes less slippery, giving them more grip. It helps a lot when you need to make quick moves, jump, or land, especially on courts that are dusty or slippery. It also stops your shoe soles from getting worn out too quickly, making your shoes last longer. Using traction tape is a cheap and easy way to make your shoes work better and save money in the long term.

8. Get New Shoes

Your old volleyball shoes might feel like they’re part of you, but if the soles are worn out, you could be slipping and sliding instead of moving smoothly. It’s probably gone flat, which isn’t great for your joints when you jump and land. Don’t risk getting hurt or playing not as well!

New volleyball shoes give you more freedom and confidence. The fresh cushioning absorbs shock, keeping your feet and joints safe when you’re playing hard. The better traction helps you move quickly and jump better. New shoes prevent you from injuries and improve your grip.

9. Don’t Use them Outside

Volleyball shoes are exactly designed for the distinctive demands of the sport. While they may look attractive to wear outside due to their comfort and style, doing so can actually be harmful to both the shoes and your performance. The primary reason to avoid wearing volleyball shoes outdoors is the risk of damage to the sole.

Furthermore, wearing volleyball shoes outdoors can negatively impact your performance. The soft soles pick up dirt and debris, reducing traction. It makes it harder to perform quick changes of direction and jumps.

10. Traction Spray

Traction spray is a game-changer for volleyball players, boosting both performance and safety. It’s like a secret weapon that helps players stay on top of their game. This spray is a pro at dealing with dust and slippery courts. It clears away dirt, giving shoe soles an awesome grip. It means players can make lightning-fast moves and switch directions without any slips or slides.

Traction spray is like a superhero shield against injuries. Slippery surfaces can be a recipe for unexpected falls and accidents. But with a trusty layer of traction spray, the risk is seriously minimized.

11. Wipe your feet

To get the best out of your volleyball shoes, don’t forget to wipe your feet! Before you step onto the court, giving your shoes a quick wipe helps remove dirt and moisture. This simple act has some big advantages. It makes sure your shoes have a good grip on the floor so you can move fast without slipping. It keeps the surface consistent, making jumps and quick turns safer. So, next time before you play, give your shoes a wipe for top-notch performance on the volleyball court!

12. Hairspray

Hairspray can provide a temporary grip enhancement on volleyball shoes, albeit with significant limitations. It might be a last-resort option for a specific play if you’re without dedicated traction solutions like pads or replacement shoes. However, its effectiveness is short-lived and outweighed by potential downsides, making it a less-than-ideal choice in most situations.

13. Sticky Mats

Forget slippery slides and frustrating footwork. Sticky Mats transform your court experience with their instant grip boost. Feel the difference as you pivot with precision, explode with power, and navigate with confidence. They’re your secret weapon for peak performance and reduced fall risk. No more dust or dirt slowing you down. Sticky Mats clean your soles on contact, ensuring optimal grip throughout the game. Unlike fleeting sprays, their durable surface offers long-lasting traction you can rely on, not just for a quick fix.

14. Use Water

Don’t be tricked into using water on your volleyball shoes for better grip—it’s like thinking you can fly by flapping your arms! Water makes your shoes slippery, causing nasty falls and slowing you down. It’s like jumping with extra weight. Plus, wet shoes can rub and give you blisters. Stick to dry shoes for a safer and more comfortable game!

15. Spit on the Soles

Spit can introduce moisture, which may lead to slippery conditions and discomfort. Using spit on the soles of volleyball shoes is a common but not recommended practice. While some people believe it can enhance traction, there are more effective and hygienic methods to improve grip on the court.

3 Reasons Why Volleyball Shoes Become Slippery?

  • Volleyball shoes can get slippery for a few reasons. First, dust and dirt can stick to the bottom of the shoes during play, making them less grippy. 
  • Another reason is that the shoes wear out over time, especially the bottom part. If you play a lot, the shoes may lose their grip. Choosing good-quality shoes and replacing them when they get worn down helps keep a good grip on the court.
  • Lastly, if the shoes or the court are a bit wet, it can make the bottom of the shoes slippery. Picking shoes that keep your feet dry and making sure the court is dry before playing can help prevent slips. Taking care of these things will make sure you have a solid grip and play your best on the volleyball court.

FAQs of How to Make Volleyball Shoes Sticky Again?

Yes, volleyball shoes are grippy to provide the necessary traction on the court.

Yes, regular use of shoes lose grip over the time.

Final Words

In conclusion, maintaining the stickiness of volleyball shoes is vital for optimal performance and safety. Regular cleaning, grip sprays, scuffing soles, and using accessories like grip socks are effective solutions. Advanced options include traction sprays and Sticky Mats. Avoid wearing shoes outside, wipe your feet before playing, and understand the reasons for slipperiness.

Invest in new shoes when necessary for peak performance and injury prevention. Overall, a combination of proper maintenance, accessories, and quality shoes ensures a safer and more enjoyable volleyball experience.

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