Are Volleyball Shoes Worth it? 5 Factors + 3 Myths

Many people, if they invest in something, they want it to be profitable for them. If you’re a sportsman and to improve your performance you want to invest in something, then you also want it to be worth it for you. Many beginner volleyball players and some seasoned players think it’s worth it for them to buy special volleyball shoes.

As volleyball is a brisky hasty game, which requires so many physical demands to play. Volleyball involves so many consistent techniques like jumping, spiking, sliding, directional changes and stability. To meet all these demands and to be skillful in this game, athletic equipment is necessary. So, definitely investing for best volleyball shoes will be worth it for you.

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth it? 5 Factors

Volleyball is a sturdy game. It involves so many physical movements like jumping, sliding and spiking. Players are moving swiftly, and each game involves hundreds of jumps. A huge volume of vertical movement and hardwood court is the major flaw of this game. Volleyball shoes will definitely prove a beneficial change to meet all these requisites.

Are Volleyball Shoes Worth it?
Are Volleyball Shoes Worth it?

These shoes provide you the best features to enhance your performance. The support, flexibility, traction, superior cushioning, breath-ability and stability provided by the volleyball shoes will make a significant difference in your performance. Undoubtedly, it’s worthwhile to buy volleyball shoes.

Many factors are involved to enhance the performance on the court. Wearing the right equipment for the game boosts up the confidence of the player. Volleyball shoes have so many features, which is helpful for the player to perform well on the court.

1- Enhanced Traction

Volleyball shoes traction is unmatch-able. Strong traction of volleyball shoes ensures the strong grip of the player on the court. It ensures quick recovery during unbalancing conditions. Provides a secure landing during high jump.

2- Provide Stability

Stability and balancing are the crucial parts of the game. Volleyball shoes have exceptional grip to help in unbalancing situations. The support provided by these shoes enhance the confidence of the player.

3- Enhanced Performance

Volleyball shoes are lightweight which are helpful in jumping. Its cushioning prevents the feet from shock. Traction provides quick side movements and maintains the balance. All these factors collectively provide comfort and enhance the performance.

4- Injury Prevention

Volleyball shoes are designed by keeping in mind the needs of the player. Its fine cushioning help to absorb the shock produced by the massive jumping volume. Its strong traction keeps the body balanced and prevents any knee, ankle and toe injury.

5- Comfort and Longevity

The ankle support and breath-ability provide comfort. Their shock absorbing features reduce the risk of injury, which is another reason maintenance are the key features of their longevity.

What Makes Volleyball Shoes so Special?

Volleyball shoes are manufactured by using special techniques. Their unique traction, comfortable cushioning, unparalleled weight, ankle support, breath-ability, and extraordinary balancing soles make them special from any other shoes. Their impact and protection from any injury makes them special from any other sports or running shoes.

Are Volleyball Shoes Necessary for Beginners?

Volleyball is a recreational game. Being a professional, if you’re playing it only for amusement and don’t want to continue it as a professional. Then, you don’t need to buy special volleyball shoes. Volleyball shoes are necessary to meet the professional requirements of players. Otherwise, you can also play volleyball with running shows.

Why are Volleyball Shoes so Important?

Volleyball shoes are a key factor to attribute the performance of players on the court. This special equipment is designed to meet the demands of the player on the volleyball court. The volleyball shoes help the player to excel his performance in the game.

Volleyball shoes has so many unique features, which are definitely enough to make them special. It’s unmatch-able cushioning, ankle support, fine traction and breath-ability makes them important for the player to enhance his performance.

3 Common Myths about Volleyball Shoes

1st Myth: Many people think regular athletic shoes are better than special volleyball shoes. According to them, volleyball shoes will not make a profitable difference in their game.

Reality: Volleyball shoes are manufactured by keeping in mind the demands of the players. Its key features like traction, stability, durability and cushioning enhance the performance of the player.

2nd Myth: Volleyball shoes are very expensive, due to the high quality materials used in them. Some people think better quality products are used in it. That is why volleyball shoes are very expensive. The main reason for its best performance.

Reality: There is no relation of price with performance. Volleyball shoes are far better than regular shoes due to their features. Many of them are affordable with fine quality and performance.

3rd Myth: Volleyball shoes don’t impact performance. In the view of some people, equipment is not necessary to perform well in the game.

Reality: Specially designed equipment for the game always improves the performance of the player. Because they have all the features, which are necessary for the player to play a skillful game.

3 Main Volleyball Shoes Key Component

There are 3 main components that makes volleyball shoes so special, and realise you why are volleyball shoes worth it?

1- Outsoles

Volleyball shoes with excellent out-soles are one of the key features of it. These out-soles are manufactured with a special type of gum rubber. This gum rubber provides a strong traction on the court. As the out-soles are made up of rubber, they provide a fine quality of flexibility. This flexibility helps the player in many side-by- side movements.The gum keeps the court skid-free. Because of its strong traction player’s skidding risk and injury risks are reduced.

2- Midsole

It wouldn’t be wrong, if we say, mid-sole is the main feature of volleyball shoes. Player’s comfort and injury prevention is based upon the mid-sole. Its mid-sole is made up with so many paddings. The more the padding the better the cushioning is.

This game involves so much jumping. The shock produced with hundreds of vertical jumps is absorbed by the extraordinary cushioning of the mid-sole. Mid-soles provide the level of stability and balance to the player which protects them from intense injuries. The fine quality mid-sole of volleyball shoes will also help the player to play free from fatigue.

3- Upper Material

Volleyball shoes have a nice upper area made up of breathable material. The special polyester material such as nylon is used with vents to provide air flow through the shoe. Players faced so much sweating and heat produced by the continuous movement of feet. These features help to keep the feet of players dry and sweat free during hard matches.

3+ Features that Make Volleyball Shoes Unique

Following are the features that make volleyball shoes unique:


Volleyball shoes have enhanced traction. This traction is due to the rubber sole, which provides a strong grip on the court. Due to this strong grip, there is a very low chance of slipping. Players can easily do lateral movements. This will enhance the confidence of the player.


Due to continuous movement and jumping, the player remains unbalanced. Volleyball shoes help to stabilize this unbalancing situation. The stability gives support to the body to maintain its balance. This will reduce the major ankle and joint injuries.


Volleyball shoes have superior cushioning quality. Its midsole is adapted with fine padding which absorbs shock produced from the hardwood court due to high jumping volume. Cushioning excels the comfort of the player. This comfort prevents players from fatigue.

Lightweight Design

As these are made up of nylon which is lighter in weight. That is why volleyball shoes are lightweight. This feature helps the player in vertical jumps.

Conclusion of Are Volleyball Shoes Worth it?

Volleyball shoes are definitely worth it. Because, the player’s safety, performance, and success depend on not only skills, but also equipment. Volleyball shoes have so many benefits for the professional as well as common players. In order to perform well in your game, then investing in volleyball shoes will be totally worth it.

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