Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball? Comprehensive Guide

I understand how it feels when you don’t have enough money to purchase a brand-new pair for playing your other favorite game. If you’re like me and Kobes, you want only one pair of shoes for basketball and volleyball. No worries; here, you’ll get the right answers to all your volleyball questions and the best basketball shoes.

So, are basketball shoes good for volleyball? There is no doubt about it, it is a YES. If you want to wear them, you can do so. There are some big professional players, such as Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant, who use basketball shoes when they play volleyball.

Why basketball shoes good for volleyball in 2024? 5 Reasons

  1. Good Traction
  2. Good Support
  3. Good Cushioning
  4. Good Durability
  5. Good Shock Absorbance

Below you can read these reasons with detail.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Volleyball? 5 Reasons

Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball?
Are Basketball Shoes Good For Volleyball?

Yes, basketball shoes are good for volleyball. Some Jordans and other big players also wear them on the volleyball court. Because basketball shoes provide better grip and stability on the volleyball court.

5 Reasons why basketball shoes are good for volleyball.

  • Traction: Basketball shoes provide good traction on both indoor and outdoor courts. That prevents you from slipping and falling.
  • Cushioning: The midsoles of basketball shoes provide better cushioning than volleyball shoes. That protects your feet and joints from injury while jumping and landing.
  •  Support: Basketball shoes also support your ankles and arches to improve performance.
  •  Durability: These’re more durable than volleyball shoes, which means they last longer. If you clean your volleyball pair regularly, it’ll last longer than normal.
  • Shock Absorbance: Both provide shock absorbance according to their play. But basketball tends to maximum shock absorbance as per the need of sport.

Pros and Cons of Using Basketball Shoes

There are pros and cons to using basketball shoes instead of best volleyball shoes on a volleyball court.


  • Provide better traction on slippery court
  • Give more cushioning for your feet and joints
  • Deliver more support to your ankles and arches
  • More durable than volleyball shoes


  • Heavier
  • Stiffer
  • Low flexible

In my experience, these cons don’t hugely impact your professional performance. You can play volleyball using basketball shoes on indoor and outdoor courts.

What’re the Differences Between Basketball and Volleyball Shoes?

We can use basketball shoes to play volleyball generally and professionally, but there are also some contrasts between them. Now take a glance at them:

Differences Between Basketball and Volleyball Shoes
5 Differences Between Basketball and Volleyball Shoes


Basketball and volleyball shoes are almost made of the same material: synthetic mesh uppers, gum rubber outsoles, and foam midsoles. But in some basketball models, you’ll see the use of leather and canvas. 


Basketball shoes are heavier than volleyball shoes, as the average weight difference shows in the table.

Volleyball Shoes WeightBasketball Shoes Weight
9 to 15 oz14 to 20 oz

Research shows there is no relation between shoe weight and vertical jumping height.


Cushioning is the major difference between them because basketball provides thicker soles than volleyball, which provides more cushioning than volleyball shoes.

Variety and Availability

Sadly, the volleyball shoe market is nothing compared to basketball shoes. Finding the best volleyball shoes according to your needs takes work. Conversely, there are a lot of varieties available for players.

Due to a lot of variety and brands, you can easily find the best basketball shoes according to your need, but it isn’t easy to find the desired volleyball pair even at this fast time.


The price of basketball shoes is more affordable than volleyball shoes, as the variety of basketball shoes available for every newbie and professional, 

What’re the Similarities Between Basketball and Volleyball Shoes?

Both shoes are designed to provide comfort, cushioning, traction and quick movements on hard courts. The purpose of both shoes is almost the same for one’s own sport. Now take a look at the similarities, which will lead you to take an accurate decision about “are basketball shoes good for volleyball?“: 

SimilaritiesBasketball ShoesVolleyball Shoes
Supportive MidsolesYesYes

Do Basketball Shoes Work for Volleyball?

Yes, basketball shoes work for volleyball, Because both have a lot of similarities. Both are prepared to provide cushioning, traction, support, and comfort on the court.

Suppose you’re a beginner or don’t have enough money to buy separate pairs for volleyball and basketball. You can buy only basketball shoes to start both sports. Because these are more easily available than volleyball shoes and enough on both courts.

Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

You’re at the right point to pick the best basketball shoes that work for basketball and volleyball. Don’t worry; as a professional in my career, I tested a lot of shoes to pick the best one. So, here you’ll get the best pairs. Before purchasing a pair, you need to focus on some points.

Things To Avoid When Purchasing Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

  • Lack of lateral support
  • Incorrect fit
  • Inadequate flexibility
  • Excessive weight
  • Lack of breathability
  • Not too many aggressive treads

Things To Remind When Purchasing Basketball Shoes For Volleyball

  • Traction
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Cushioning
  • Flexibiity
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Perfect fit
  • According to your position (hitter, liberos, or blocker)
  • Indoor/outdoor or both
  • Good Brand

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes for Basketball?

Yes, as a beginner or at a low level, you can wear volleyball shoes for basketball. As a professional, I don’t recommend it to wear at high-level matches like international. Because volleyball shoes don’t have enough cushioning and support, which is a professional basketball player’s requirement, you can wear them as a beginner. 


Yes, you can use basketball shoes for volleyball as a beginner (low-level matches) or as a professional as other professionals wear them.

The best type of shoe for volleyball is a volleyball-specific shoe, which is designed with the specific needs to keep in mind: 

  • Lightweight construction for agility
  • Excellent lateral support for quick movements
  • Responsive cushioning for impact absorption
  • Optimal traction patterns for indoor/outdoor court surfaces
  • Provide the necessary stability, grip, and flexibility

Which shoe pair follows these guidelines is best for a volleyball player.

Yes, volleyball and basketball shoes are almost the same according to their purpose. But there are many differences between them. Volleyball, lightweight and flexible shoes are only designed to provide traction, lateral support, and cushioning to prevent injuries. 

Basketball shoes, heavy and stiffer than volleyball shoes, are specifically designed for ankle support, cushioning, strong grip, and intense jumping and landing on hard courts.

Wearing basketball shoes for volleyball can provide benefits such as excellent cushioning for impact absorption, ankle support for stability, durability for intense play, and decent traction on indoor courts. Due to these unmatched benefits, some big players like Kobes and KDs wear basketball shoes sometimes on the volleyball court.

While they’re not specifically designed for volleyball, basketball shoes can still offer certain advantages and be suitable depending on personal preference and availability.

That shoe is best for volleyball, which offers lightweight construction, excellent lateral support, cushioning, optimal traction, and ankle support.

Basketball shoes can be heavier compared to dedicated volleyball shoes. The added weight of basketball shoes may impact quick movements on the volleyball court and agility.

However, the weight of basketball shoes can vary. Some models may offer lighter options that can still be suitable for volleyball. Finally, it relies on personal choice and the specific layout of the basketball shoe.

Final Words

Basketball shoes are suitable for volleyball. You can wear them for volleyball play. The purpose of both pairs is almost similar. Both are designed to provide cushioning, lateral support, traction, stability and grip.

You can wear them interchangeably at a low level, as a beginner, or as an occasional play. But at the professional level, for volleyball matches and basketball matches, only basketball shoes fit well if you don’t have volleyball shoes.

I hope this guide satisfied you on “are basketball shoes good for volleyball?”

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