Are ASICS Good Volleyball Shoes In 2023? 13 Features

I know how tough it’s when you wanna buy a new volleyball shoe pair. At this stage, every player has to face challenges, whether this shoe is perfect for it or not. In my starting days, I also faced difficulties because, in volleyball matches, shoes have a critical role. After all, a volleyball shoe pair can enhance or diminish your performance.

Are ASICS Good Volleyball Shoes
Are ASICS Good Volleyball Shoes

Are ASICS good volleyball shoes? Yes, ASICS volleyball shoes are good for volleyball. Even pro players recommend ASICS volleyball shoes. ASICS shoes, high-quality and lightweight, provide excellent level cushioning, traction, and support for both indoor and outdoor matches. Therefore, if you’re buying ASICS volleyball shoes, purchase them without hesitation.

So, let’s get started!

Are ASICS Good Volleyball Shoes in 2023?

The simple but experts’ answer is Yes. Yes, you can utilize ASICS volleyball shoes because It’s a great option for volleyball matches. ASICS, a good reputed athletic shoe, provides comfort, cushioning, protection, and excellent sport while high intensity playing.

ASICS has led the industry for decades and is the best brand for volleyball shoes in the market. It’s been manufacturing high-quality shoes to fulfill the volleyball game’s demand. Nowadays, there’s very high competition among ASICS, Mizuno, Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour to become the favorite volleyball shoes among pro players. Instead of competition ASICS is the No.1 leading brand in the market.

13 Features of ASICS Volleyball Shoes

Due to these extraordinary features, players consider them the best volleyball shoes. Here’re 13 features that’ll satisfy you “Why are ASICS good volleyball shoes?“:

Features of Volleyball Shoes

  1. Flexible Design
  2. High Comfortable
  3. Dynamic Duomax Support System
  4. Molded sockliner
  5. Durable Construction
  6. Ankle Padding
  7. Excellent Traction
  8. Innovative Technology
  9. Flexible upper
  10. AHAR grip outsole
  11. GEL cushioning system
  12. Lightweight Construction
  13. Breathable Uppers

Is ASICS high quality?

Of course, yes. ASICS, a popular running shoe brand, is a high-quality shoe brand. It’s also popular for its durability, innovative technologies, support, and comfortable designs. It qualifies all the requirements of athletes and is considered the best brand for athletics shoes.

Why Are ASICS Good For Volleyball? 7 Reasons

After getting the satisfactory answer to “Are ASICS good volleyball shoes?“. Now it’s important to know “why are ASICS good for volleyball” to ensure its credibility.

7 reasons why ASICS shoes are good for volleyball

  1. Comfort: The gel cushioning, breathable upper, and innovative technologies of ASICS made its shoes more comfortable than other brands.
  2. Support: It provides good support to prevent injuries. It’s important to stop the strain on feet and ankles.
  3. Materials: It uses synthetic material, Rubber, mesh, Gel, and leather (depending on the model) to manufacture high-quality, comfortable, supportive, and durable shoes.
  4. Durability: It’s more durable than other volleyball shoe brands.
  5. Cushioning: ASICS has GEL cushioning technology, which helps to absorb shock and provide comfort while jumping and landing. It’s important for quick movements and jumps.
  6. Traction: ASICS shoes have soles with good traction, which helps to prevent slipping and sliding while changing direction quickly.
  7. Technology: ASICS has innovative technologies because it regularly invests in research and development.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent Grip
  • Shock Absorption
  • Lightweight Design
  • Lateral Support
  • Flexibility
  • Durable Construction
  • Customizable Fit


  • Little Bit Expensive
  • Limited Outdoor Use
  • Break-In Period

Why Do Pro Volleyball Players Wear ASICS Shoes?

Pro volleyball players wear ASICS shoes due to durability, support, responsiveness, lightweight, comfort, flexibility, and cushioning. ASICS has shoe manufacturing with a long history of almost 4 decades. It builds a very high reputation in the market due to high-level manufacturing, innovative technology, and sponsorship. This is why pro volleyball players utilize ASICS shoes.

5+ Tips For Choosing The Perfect Volleyball Shoes

Here’re some tips you should follow while choosing the right volleyball shoes:

5+ Tips

  1. Shoes must have good arch support.
  2. Try on the shoes before purchasing them.
  3. Choose a shoe that fits well.
  4. Consider your playing style
  5. Volleyball shoes should have a removable insole.
  6. The material should be breathable.
How to buy volleyball shoes?

My Experience

I’ve used mostly Asics Gel-Tactic 2, Asics Sky Elite FF 2, and Asics Gel-Rocket 9 ASICS volleyball shoes for practice and real matches. I found these shoes the best in my career. They gave me the necessary facilities, i.e., traction, support, cushioning, and flexibility in every playing position on the volleyball court.

I utilized them in both indoor and outdoor matches (specially beach volleyball play). But unfortunately, they’re not as good as specially outdoor-designed shoes for outdoor games. They’re as right as rain for indoor volleyball matches. Are ASICS good volleyball shoes? According to my experience, ASICS shoes are great for volleyball.

I hope my honest short experience gives you something useful about ASICS volleyball shoes.


The leading volleyball shoe brand is considered to be Asics. They’ve been making volleyball shoes for over 35+ years and are known for their high quality, innovative technology, and performance. Even professional players all over the world wear ASICS volleyball shoes.

The best way to care for your Asics volleyball shoes is to:

ASICS sponsors Yuji Nishida and wears the Asics Sky Elite FF Tokyo edition volleyball shoes.
The Sky Elite FF Tokyo edition is a high-end shoe specially designed for excessive support and cushioning. It features a FlyteFoam midsole that is lightweight and responsive, and a Dynamic Duomax support system helps to prevent overpronation.

Yes, you can wear volleyball outside, but it’s not recommended. Volleyball shoes are designed for indoor use on hard surfaces. Their rubber soles provide good traction on smooth surfaces. However, this same rubber compound can be slippery on wet or uneven surfaces.

But if you want to wear volleyball shoes outside, you must avoid wet or uneven surfaces. Damp and uneven surfaces tear down the volleyball shoes soon.

ASICS, a high-quality and global brand, has some extraordinary features which make it special.

  • Dynamic Duomax Support System
  • Molded sockliner
  • Trusstic System
  • GEL technology
  • AHAR grip outsole

Final Verdict

In conclusion, “Are ASICS good volleyball shoes?” According to my experience and other experts, the answer is, Yes. Of course, ASICS are good volleyball shoes. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for comfortable, durable, supportive, and long-lasting volleyball shoes. Whether you are a quick player who makes a lot of cuts, or a power player who jumps a lot, Asics has shoes that’ll meet your needs. Spending money on ASICS volleyball shoes is worth it. You’ll appreciate your decision if you purchase ASICS.
I hope this blog post has helped you to answer the question of “Are ASICS good volleyball shoes?“. If you’ve any further questions about ASICS, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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